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    • PlayMining Dozer Lucky Farmer is a coin pusher game with a farm motif. Earn lots of medals with in-game slots and crops harvest bonuses, or join the Ranking to earn DEAPcoin on a regular basis. You can also enjoy the game by using the friend function to connect with your friends and advance forward in the game to your advantage.
      DEAPcoin can be used to purchase game items to advance forward in the game to your advantage and can also be redeemed for other currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • You can harvest various crops!
      Crops such as cabbage and strawberries grown in the field can be harvested by simply tracing your finger.

    • Ranking that changes every time!
      The content of the ranking is different every time. For example, you can enjoy different things for each ranking, such as competing for the number of medals won and the number of slot rotations.

    • Collect eggs and try bingo!
      You can participate in bingo by collecting eggs with numbers written on them. Furthermore, if you fill all the bingo cards, you can try the jackpot chance.

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      Event overview

      The prize money will be distributed according to the ranking.
      And if you make it to 1500th place, you have a chance to win a random lucky bonus.

      10,000 DEAPcoin 1 person every week
      2,000 DEAPcoin 5 people every week
      1,000 DEAPcoin 10 people every week
      777 DEAPcoin 15 people every week

      Rules: Ranking totaling will start every Monday at 0:00 (UTC) and a new ranking will start. As a result, the past data up to the previous time will be reset.

      RankPrize amount
      1st place40000 DEAPcoin
      2nd place30000 DEAPcoin
      3rd place20000 DEAPcoin
      4th place16000 DEAPcoin
      5th place12000 DEAPcoin
      6th place9000 DEAPcoin
      7th place6000 DEAPcoin
      8th place4000 DEAPcoin
      9th place2500 DEAPcoin
      10th place2000 DEAPcoin