• Q.What kind of game is it?

    This is a pusher game where you drop a medal and the dropped medal gets pushed by the coin pusher towards the front pocket.

  • Q.How can I get more medals?

    You can get medals by dropping the medals into the field and then into the front pocket.
    By dropping the medals into the wagon, the slots will rotate and the chances of winning medals will increase when the patterns are aligned.

  • Q.How many types of slot patterns are there?

    There are 6 types of slot patterns.

    7・・・You go into fever time
    Crops・・・Crops grow randomly in the field
    Egg・・・If one or two eggs are shown in the slots, a white egg will drop. If three eggs align, a gold egg will be dropped in the field.
    Lightning・・・Lightning falls and the field vibrates
    Mole・・・A mole jumps out in the center of the field
    Medal Shower ・・・A medal shower is dropped on the field

  • Q.How can I harvest the crops in the field?

    If you align the crop patterns in the slots, the crops will grow in the field.
    The crop is harvested and dropped into the field by swiping them.
    If you do not harvest and align new crops in the slot, the previous crops will be forcibly harvested.

  • Q.How can I get DEAPcoin?

    We have stopped distributing DEAPcoin that can be earned from ranking prizes, bonus rewards, and shipping sales after January 31, 2022.
    Please wait until the official release of the game before distributing DEAPcoin.

  • Q.How many types of rankings are there?

    There are 3 types of rankings in total, and the conditions for each ranking is different.

    MEDAL RANKING・・・Compete for the amount of medals won
    SLOT RANKING・・・Compete for the number of times the slot has been rotated
    FARMER RANKING・・・Compete for the number of times you have acquired a crop

  • Q.The medals and levels were reset when a new ranking started.

    Ranking calculations will start every Monday at 0:00 (UTC) and a new ranking will start.
    As a result, the past data up to the previous time will be reset.

    User level・・・Level 1
    Number of medals in possession・・・50
    Number of items possessed・・・1
    Bingo card progress・・・All reset
    Field placement status・・・Initial placement according to ranking

  • Q.How can I become a friends with others?

    Enter the ID of the user you want to become friends with into the user search, or send a friend request from the recommended user list.
    When you have more friends, you can get a medal by helping the friend's field once a day by pressing the watering can button on the friend screen.
    In addition, users who have their friends help with their field will have one more harvest area in their field.
    Another option is to exchange crops for medals from the shop at the rate of your friend's shop.

  • Q.What is the benefit of having an NFT?

    In-game icons, character avatars, background music, backgrounds, etc. can be set by NFTs that are effective in Lucky Farmer.
    There are also NFTs that give you bonuses when increasing the number of items and harvesting.
    Check out the PlayMining NFT to see which NFTs work for Lucky Farmer.

  • Q.What happens if I reach Bingo?

    Bingo cards will be filled by acquiring eggs with numbers displayed on them.
    Bingo can be achieved by aligning vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and you can win medals as a reward.
    Furthermore, if you fill the whole bingo card, you can try for the jackpot chance.
    With the jackpot chance, you can win even more medals.

  • Q.What effects do items have?

    There are 4 types of items in total.
    Fence・・・It blocks the sides to prevent things from falling
    Coin Pusher・・・It pushes medals and other things to the front
    Wagon・・・You can select things like crops or eggs to directly obtain
    Wide Wagon・・・The wagon grows wider and makes it easier to catch medals

  • Q.Are there any conditions in the operating environment?

    Operating environment:
    [iOS] iOS 11.3 or higher when using iPhone 7 or above
    [Android] Android 5.0 and above
    Recommended browser: Chrome, safari
    Communication network speed: 10Mbps or more ※A memory of 2GB or more is required for both iOS and Android

    ※We cannot guarantee the operation of all models and browsers with conditions above.
    It may not work properly depending on the communication environment, browser version and model specifications, application usage status, etc.

    ※Gameplay requires traffic. When playing for a long time, it is recommended to connect to Wi-fi or play on the PC version.

  • Q.Terms of Use

    You can read the terms of use of this game from the link below.

  • Q.Privacy Policy

    You can read the privacy policy of this game from the link below.

  • Q.Contact Us

    After reading the FAQ, if you still have a problem that cannot be solved, please contact us at the following address.
    ※We cannot answer questions related to game strategy.