【MEDAL RANKING】Announcement of Bonus Reward Winners

Thank you for always playing "Lucky Farmer". We are pleased to announce the winners of the MEDAL RANKING bonus rewards that were held from Nov 15h (Mon) 8:00(UTC+8) ~ Nov 22h (Mon) 7:59(UTC+8). 10,000 DEAPcoin Winner! TesDoang 2,000 DEAPcoin Winners! Evecruzado0531 RedBook Lucky.guy79 xiong_xiong BllueSky_OKI 1,000 DEAPcoin Winners! Yulianagib kakak.dink Akira_56 jr.playminer Zzzzzz Hugmecactus SaTaN Adamhank Anastasia Zhong_yihao 777 DEAPcoin Winners! AviciiiLeve Niknik Ithanading16 ANDY888 Bingkatchu GogoGitcoin yollyV GinoGino Byu_gobel CPlusPlus11 Amelita aldishaggy Lucky10 supertotits Evecruzado0531 ※Random order Winners may have the same username, so please check your wallet from NFT Marketplace by DEP. Thank you for your continued support of "Lucky Farmer". You need to create a wallet to receive the prize. Please check the URL below for how to create a wallet. ※ Winnings may fluctuate ※ If you have a PlayMining ID, please use the email address you used when you registered. ※ DEAPcoin is not sold to Japanese residents

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