The prize money will be distributed according to the ranking.

Rules: Ranking totaling will start every Monday at 0:00 (UTC) and a new ranking will start.
As a result, the past data up to the previous time will be reset.

RankPrize amount
1st place2000 DEAPcoin
2nd place1500 DEAPcoin
3rd place1000 DEAPcoin
4th place800 DEAPcoin
5th place600 DEAPcoin
6th place450 DEAPcoin
7th place300 DEAPcoin
8th place200 DEAPcoin
9th place125 DEAPcoin
10th place100 DEAPcoin
11~50th place50~11 DEAPcoin
51~500th place7.45~7.001 DEAPcoin
501~1000th place7~6.501 DEAPcoin
1001~1500th place6.5~6.001 DEAPcoin
1501~2000th place6~5.501 DEAPcoin
2001~2500th place5.5~5.001 DEAPcoin
2501~3000th place5~4.501 DEAPcoin
3001~3500th place4.5~4.001 DEAPcoin
3501~4000th place4~3.501 DEAPcoin
4001~4500th place3.5~3.001 DEAPcoin
4501~5000th place3~2.501 DEAPcoin

Up to 10000th place, the prize amount will increase as the rank goes up.

※Prize Money is subject to change.
※If you already have a PlayMining ID and play JobTribes,
please use the same e-mail address as you registered with.